Pro GeoProcessing Raster 'Flip' Command Slow

Discussion created by tomas1 on Oct 16, 2017

This question was initially submitted to the ArcGIS Pro SDK forum.  Following a suggestion from Charles MacLeod of esri, I am posting this to the imagery and remote sensing forum that might provide better exposure to subject experts. This link points to the original posting:


This post speaks of the slow performance of executing the Flip command against rasters. I am migrating an application from ArcObjects that allows a user to quickly process a number of images that require 'flipping' for proper alignment.  In ArcObjects, this process was almost instantaneous when executed in code against a raster dataset.  The Pro envt calls for executing the Flip geoprocessing tool and takes significantly longer. 


This post was asking/requesting some type of method to be available to the raster dataset in pro through code that will equal the performance of the ArcObjects counterpart or increase the performance of the Flip geoprocessing command.


Any insight would be welcome.