Proper parameter value of management.Delete tool

Discussion created by tomas1 on Oct 16, 2017

I initially posted this question to the ArcGIS Pro SDK forum. Charles MacLeod of ESRI suggested I post to this imagery and-remote-sensing forum as it would get more exposure to ESRI staff experts.  The link to my original post is:

This link contains my original post as well as replies from others and myself. 


My original post was asking for a code example executing the geoprocessing tool management.Delete.  Initially, I was not clear what the tool was expecting.  After a bit of work and forum interaction, it appears the tool is expecting a raster dataset.  However, I was not able to get the tool to ultimately behave through code.  While I am still interested in removing esri GRID format rasters, I have switched the format to .tif and am using operating system commands to remove the intermediate files.  This is working more successfully than the management.Delete tool, though I sometimes encounter messages that the file is in use by the Pro application.  Please see the link for all of the info.


Any insight or assistance is greatly appreciated.  Additionally, as posting to this forum was suggested by Mr. MacLeod, I will be posting another image related request question about the Flip command that was initially posted to the ArcGIS Pro SDK forum.


Thanks again