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Improve replica transport performance?

Question asked by minerjoe Champion on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by minerjoe

We have a utility that generate the initial replica for a pre-planned workflow.  With large datasets (like almost 1 GB in size) the initial download is pretty slow even when generating on the server the hosts the services.  We do see some improvements on the server cutting the time down from 29 minutes to 24 minutes.  However, of this time the majority is transport between AGS and the download location.  Monitoring the folder on server showed it took 9 minutes to create the replica.  That would mean it took 15 minutes to transport the file when running on the same server and drive that the replica is generated.  This seems to me like a long time to basically copy the file from the server location to the download location.


I realize that even on the same server it is still transporting over https, but is there anyway to improve this transport?