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Invalid redirect_uri portal Error: 400 signin

Question asked by bharvey@power on Oct 16, 2017
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I have seen some posts regarding this, but they all use a web adapter and there are no conclusive answers that I can find.  We are not using any web adapters because we are using a load balancer and there is no web tier authentication (ESRI approved design).


I install the first site and create the Portal.   Add the second site to the existing Portal and it registers fine.   I can see both machines in \portaladmin and their status is good.   I can login to the first machine in the site, but get a Invalid redirect_uri portal Error: 400 signin error when using the second machine.  For example:        Original machine created site.   Can login.       Added to existing portal successfully.   CANNOT login, however I can login to /portaladmin.


Before I set up the load balancer both of these need to work.


Why the redirect error?