Scale down whole scene keeping street width in proportion

Discussion created by Abele_Giandoso on Oct 14, 2017
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Hi all. 

Question: I created a street network by hand replicating an old map of a medieval town, some streets are wide other are very narrow. Then I grew secondary streets on it to add complexity. 

I now figured out I made the whole things way too big, because when I try to create shapes for lots on a real scale City Engine crashes. I guess it's too many geometries for my computer. City is supposed to be 20 miles long and 6.5 wide but I don't think this size is handable so I thought about reducing the overall size by half. 

Is there a way to scale down the whole street network keeping the streets in proportion? So that the street width and sidewalk width are scaled down too? 

Or maybe I'm doing something wrong and a 20 Miles * 6.5 should be doable..

Any advice is welcome