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Editing in Arcgis Pro

Question asked by jon.hallam on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by jon.hallam

I would like some help with creating features, I am creating camping pitches for a event I map (rectangles), the brown and purple lines I create as set up guides to make sure they are in align. The brown ones are 8m and the purple are 3m.

I currently have been creating each set up line going across towards the road 8m one, then 3m, 8m so on ... and then I create the rectangle camping pitches by using rectangle create feature along 8m line and then coming down 10m to create 8 x 10 pitches. 


Is there a efficient way to do this many times going down the plan parallel to the road, I did copy all features from highest line to create second line, but had to create extra in between to get the exact offset difference between the two  rows of pitches. 


Any help appreciated to create set up lines and then rectangle pitches as quickly as possible using ArcGIS Pro editing & creating tools


Camping lines for creating features