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ESRI world locator returns half of postal code?

Question asked by xilducex on Oct 16, 2017
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I should preface this question by stating that I live in the United States and I have a rudimentary at best understanding of international postal codes.  That being said, I noticed what I think is a peculiar occurrence when searching for address candidates using the ESRI World Locator.  I searched for an address in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada using this locator and the JSON result featured only half of the postal code. Here is a part of what was returned:


{  "spatialReference": {   "wkid": 102100,   "latestWkid": 3857  },  "candidates": [   {    "address": "168 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A",    "location": {     "x": -8785206.4957934171,     "y": 5297617.1858132156    },    "score": 100,    "attributes": {     "Loc_name": "World",     "Status": "M",     "Score": 100,     "Match_addr": "168 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A",     "LongLabel": "168 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A, CAN",     "ShortLabel": "168 Garrison Rd",     "Addr_type": "PointAddress",     "Type": "",     "PlaceName": "",     "Place_addr": "168 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A",     "Phone": "",     "URL": "",     "Rank": 20,     "AddBldg": "",     "AddNum": "168",     "AddNumFrom": "",     "AddNumTo": "",     "AddRange": "",     "Side": "L",     "StPreDir": "",     "StPreType": "",     "StName": "Garrison",     "StType": "Rd",     "StDir": "",     "BldgType": "",     "BldgName": "",     "LevelType": "",     "LevelName": "",     "UnitType": "",     "UnitName": "",     "SubAddr": "",     "StAddr": "168 Garrison Rd",     "Block": "",     "Sector": "",     "Nbrhd": "",     "District": "Fort Erie",     "City": "Fort Erie",     "MetroArea": "",     "Subregion": "Niagara",     "Region": "Ontario",     "RegionAbbr": "ON",     "Territory": "",     "Zone": "",     "Postal": "L2A",     "PostalExt": "1M4",     "Country": "CAN",     "LangCode": "ENG",     "Distance": 0,     "X": -78.918852693173292,     "Y": 42.90561948456368,     "DisplayX": -78.918862500000003,     "DisplayY": 42.905277000000012,     "Xmin": -78.919862500000008,     "Xmax": -78.917862499999998,     "Ymin": 42.904277000000015,     "Ymax": 42.90627700000001,     "ExInfo": ""    },    "extent": {     "xmin": -8785318.9069751669,     "ymin": 5297413.1613209005,     "xmax": -8785096.2679935787,     "ymax": 5297717.1135389088    }   },

This is the URL that produced this result:<token>&f=pjson&singleLine=168+Garrison+Rd%2c+Fort+Erie%2c+ON%2c+Canada&outSR=102100&outfields=* 


I have some code that is breaking due to an address with half of a postal code failing validation.  I know that I can look for the "postalExt" outfield and get the rest of the postal code in a pinch.  Should the address candidate display the entire postal code in its results?