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Arc Desktop SDE and Online Maps Connectivity

Question asked by vveera_iphone on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by vveera_iphone

Hi -

We are currently using ArcGIS desktop 10.2.2 standard supported by SQL. The Feature Services in the desktop are published to GIS Online maps for viewers. The Online maps are also used by user to add new features using Collector App. Upon adding new features using Collector, the data would be synced with the Features Layers in ArGIS desktop and uploaded automatically to the Desktop SDE.

Over period if time several of the Feature Layers were replaced or updated. Likely the connectivity between the Desktop SDE and GISOnline features was broken. Now new features entered in Collecter using new/updated feature layers no longer appear in the Desktop Layers. As such we have to manually download the features in GISonline and import them into the Desktop Layers.


Any help to resolve this issue would be great help. Thanks.