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Summarize Nearby Date

Question asked by Irfanafsar1 on Oct 13, 2017

Hi fellows,

I have two point data sets.

  1. Businesses (point) 50 points
  2. Customers (point) 2000 points

I want to get the sum counts within 150 miles of radius from Businesses to Customers for which I have used the Summarize Nearby  Tool which is available in both ArcGIS online and ArcGIS Pro. I want to limit my search from date field. I have date fields in both data sets.

e.g  Business1 have 6/10/2014 date. I want to extract and count the Customers data within 150 miles radius before 6/10/2014. So eventually the customers data will  be sum counted in the results that are prior to that particular date, all others  customers data after that date will not be included.  I have tried different tools but no luck, please help me, I will really appreciate any clue.