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Does the default JavaScript API (v4) popup support related records?

Question asked by GFLONK on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by rscheitlin

I'm not sure if i'm overlooking things or this is not yet supported, but i'm curious if the default JavaScript API (v4) popup supports related records.


I have the following situation:

  • Hosted feature service on ArcGIS Online. In it three sublayers (trees, roads and vegetation). Each of the sublayers has a related table in which i store quality-inspection records (quality level, date of inspection and attachment-option). The relation is 1-m.
  • Hosted feature service is added to a webmap which is also stored on AGO.
  • In my custom front-end i created a mapView which loads the entire webmap at once (rather than adding all layer individually)
  • Map draws perfectly and the popup works, but does not show the related records. Related records are however visible and editable in collector, explorer and via webappbuilder (see screenshot).


Example in default JSAPI popup:

Example of record in default JSapi popup (v4)


Example in Webappbuilder:

Example of record in webappbuilder


What i'm looking for is the option to add the functionality regarding the related records in the second screenshot to the situation in the first screenshot.


My question is twofold:

  • Is this supported by default and if yes, how do i turn it on?
  • If this is not a default option, how would one go about and custom create this functionality?