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Question asked by woodrow on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by rastrauch

pop-up configuration 


I’m configuring a ‘Custom Attribute Display’ pop-up that uses an expression to define part of the code. A snip of the code for the custom pop-up looks like this:




And the expression looks like this:


var avail = $feature["GIS_DB.dbo.CharterPullComplete.SpaceAvail"];

var apply='<a href=>Apply Now</a>'

var sorry='<div style="color:red;">Not taking applications</div>'

When(avail=='Green', apply,avail=='Yellow', apply, sorry);


My intent was that my pop-up, depending on which condition was met would look like this:


Application:        Apply Now


Application:        Not taking applications


But instead it looks like:


Application:        <a href=>Apply Now</a>


Application:        <div style="color:red;">Not taking applications</div>



Is it possible to specify that the string that is returned by the expression is code?