How can I get 1 data pt on the map to represent 4 rows of data in an attribute table?

Discussion created by mctraverso on Oct 11, 2017

Hi I have a CSV file that I want to make into a feature class. The issue here is I have a column titled "Quarters" and I have 4 quarters worth of data. This means that I have the same recipient listed 4 times in my CSV file. I am interested in all the detailed information per quarter but I am not interested in seeing 4 data points overlap each other on the map. I am trying to figure out a way to display one point that actually represents 4 different rows of data for each of the 4 quarters. Is there a way to do this easily? I am thinking of just having one of the 4 quarters display X Y data but erase lat/long coordinates of the other points but I am not sure if that's really a solution or if I will run into errors when I display XY. Any tips?