Copying dataset with geometric network from SDE to SDE fails

Discussion created by trudnick on Oct 10, 2017
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Error: Cannot copy and paste a narrow network into a dataset requiring wide networks 


We have a rather interesting issue with moving data between our SDE databases.  We need to do a replica from SDE to SDE, so we are choosing to copy/paste data  from Parent SDE database A to Child SDE database B, which is a completely new, empty database of the same version and patch level as the Parent db.  We get the error below.  The error is apparently a failure of an older geometric network, and the link to the explanation is above.  However, the explanation at the link above makes zero sense to me at all.  The ClassID (from 9.x version) is supposed to now be represented by the OBJECTID in the GDB_ITEMS table. (From ESRI blog: In ArcGIS 9.x, the ClassID field corresponds with the ClassID found in the GDB_OBJECTCLASSSES table and identifies which feature class the ObjectIDs corresponded via the Layers table ‘Layer_id’. In ArcSDE 10 using the simplified geodatabase schema, this field now refers to the ObjectID in the ‘GDB_ITEMS’ table which will also enable you to determine which feature class the error corresponds with in the same way. As far as I can see, the database structure of the Parent GDB_ITEMS table is the same as the Child GDB_ITEMS, so I don't understand why this is happening.


We cannot easily drop and rebuild our networks (we have many of them), and XML Import to get the data migrated has it's own issues.  Rebuilding the network in the parent database did not have any effect.


Can someone give me a better explanation of why I cannot copy a dataset with this network from a parent database to an empty child database?