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infoTemplate for both GraphicsLayers and FeatureLayers

Question asked by waringt on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by waringt

I have an ArcGIS.js 3.22 application that loads a number of FeatureLayers in a map and then constructs and loads a number of GraphicsLayers. I have a click event that runs an IdentifyTask on each of the FeatureLayers in the map. It's nice because the identify task loads feature information for overlapping layers into the infoTemplate. The user is able to click the infoTemplate's arrow and cycle through features identified across all featureLayers present at a click point.  


I would like to include graphicsLayer information into the infoTemplate along with featureLayer information so that the user may loop over all features returned by their mouse click. I want the infoTemplate to show attribute information from both the featureLayers and the graphicsLayers. 


Is this possible? Dose anyone have an idea of how this would be done? It looks like ArcGIS.js 4.5 allows you to greate feature layers from graphics using the graphicsLayer's 'source' property. Can the source property in 3.22 be used similarly?  


Thanks, Tyler