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Allow publishers to view the details of a publishing error?

Question asked by elliott.plack on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff


Can you please allow users to expand the details of the status messages when publishing a new survey?


Product Tested

Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS 2.4.60



I recently encountered an Error 400 while publishing a survey and was wondering what caused it. I tried searching GeoNet but did not find anything helpful. I tried it a few times and continued to get the same result. Why?


I found out. I inadvertently adjusted the column width (see the video below) of the publishing message screen and suddenly saw that the error message is passed back to Survey123 Connect. Connect seems to lack the ability to display this message clearly.


I am hoping that the Survey123 team could incorporate a button to expand the error texts. Although I could only see half of the message, I was able to figure out what was causing the problem, but it would be great if the error display were made more explicit.



Here's a screen recording that shows how expanding the column width allows us to view the error text. 



The form that caused the error, intentionally, is attached. I'll report that error separately, as it could be mitigated.