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How can I obtain data from multiple layers at the same time?

Question asked by ajnafakh on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I'm working on maps of the city of Chicago in which all my layers are obtained from the Census Bureau, my main layers is the ZIP Code Tabulation Area tiger file on top of that I have added several layers including demographic data such as the population age within each ZIP Code and the income groups. I have then added the Chicago Transit Authority Light Rail lines and stations (refer to the map below) 

What I'm trying to get to, to obtained a half a mile radius circle around each station and then obtain the data of all data files (layers) I have within that half a mile circle per each station (blue dot shown on the map above). 

Often this circle will happen to be within two or more ZIP Code areas, would ArcMap be able to average the data within that circle based on proportions?

Meaning that if a circle happen to be 30% within ZIP Code A and 70% within ZIP Code B, would it be possible that the data of (for example income) income of that circle = (income-A / 0.3) + (income-B / 0.7)?

To simplify this, can Arcmap get me the proportions of which each half a mile circle is taking from each ZIP Code, then get me the data of each layer averaged based on these proportions?