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Groups that allow members to update shared items (collaboration groups)

Question asked by lbarrufat_AMB1 on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by KGerrow-esristaff



I've been working with groups in which all members can update shared items. The functionality is really interesting since group work is very common in my organization, and this really solves the problem of having only one person applying changes.


I've read that so far, apps cannot be shared with this type of group because they do not support this functionality yet. Does anyone know when will it be supported?


Also, I've encountered some trouble when two users work on the same map. User1 creates and shares the item with the group, and then User2 can make changes on it. However, if User1 uses https and User2 does not, User1 cannot edit the map after User2, unless User1 changes to http. If User1 stays with https, everytime a map is opened in the map viewer a new blank map loads, never the saved one. I have not tested whether this behaviour stays when working with other item types.


This is a bypass to this problem, but not a real solution. Also, some of the users in my organization are new GIS users, and this issue becomes a handicap for them to use ArcGIS Online. Is this a bug or a configuration issue?


Thank you guys in advance!