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Why can't I edit a Story Map created by someone else in ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by natgeo1984 on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by cconnollyesriuk-esridist

I recently started at a new organization, for some reason the person in my position previously found it necessary to outsource the creation of Story Maps. That being said, a Story Map was created, it is working but it has typos that I need to fix BUT I CAN'T! 

I'm logged in as the Administrator to my ArcGIS Online Organization account. I have changed the "owner" to myself (did this as a test but it didn't help anything). Normally when you go to an application in AGOL you see the "Edit Application" on the right hand side (See #1 below):


But I don't have that option for the Story map I'm trying to edit (See #2 below):


What am I missing? I have so much to do here and I can't believe I can't figure out how to make a simple change to fix a typo. I tried using the ArcGIS Online Assistant but all I can see is the JSON for the Item Description. I can't see anything else. And at the bottom it gives me an option to "Download" the story map but when I try to do that (not sure how I would get it back on the server though) nothing happens. A new window opens but nothing downloads. I'm totally lost. Can anyone offer a suggestion?