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Cloud Builder for Azure ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1

Question asked by jweyl on Oct 6, 2017
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Greetings -


We followed the directions to the letter for Cloud Builder to install our new Azure Enterprise GIS environment. But it appears that there are some issues with the out of the box configuration. After deploying the new environment, I did go in and configure the Primary and Secondary Data Stores, but then this is where things started going wrong. By default, Cloud Builder Federated our Portal against ArcGIS Server, but the address it Federated to was an internal IP Address in Azure of a Load Balancer for ArcGIS Server (so https: which will not work externally. When I first attempted to make my Server/DataStore environment the hosting server, it failed and said it couldn't use that server for hosting, but the hosting server listed is DNS name of our Portal/Server - Enterprise combination.On the second attempt to federate and set the hosting server it worked. I get the green check mark for the Federation, and then the hosting server (using DNS) works. But what happens is publishing fails to Portal and in doing a fiddler trace the IP address of the Federated Server comes back as part of the error (with good old 9999). But I can publish to Server, directly. With the fact that there are two web adaptors at the Load Balancer levels for both Portal and Server I am unclear as to my next steps? Do I attempt to add the DNS? 


Support is reviewing my logs to see if they can pinpoint the issue. Any insight would be helpful.