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Fast viewshed geoprocessing service in java api

Question asked by ayeshaayesha on Oct 6, 2017

Hi, i have created geoprocessing model of viewshed which takes input point as feature set and asignes it to buffer which draw a buffer around point as per user requirement then i clip my raster which is of 9.2 gb size and clip the buffered area out of raster then i asign this output to viewshed and at end i convert my raster out in polygon feature class...i confugured the enviroment settings of scratch and default workspace and asigned %scratchworkspace% to each output.and published as geoprocessing service...when i run the tool in my java api web application it takes 1 minut to render the output ...kindly tell me how can i get the results fastt in just few seconds as so many geoprocessing tools are running in online java applications and they render output every geoprocessing service is vry slow and monotonus on web application.kindly help