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Deprecated GeoEvent Server Components for ArcGIS Solutions.

Question asked by dhoyesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Oct 5, 2017

on the GeoEvent Server Components for ArcGIS Solutions | ArcGIS Solutions  page - it is showing a number of Processors etc as Deprecated as at September 2017.

The GitHub page  shows "This repository is no longer maintained"


Are there going to be alternatives provided for these?



In particular - we need to use Spatial Query Processor to get around the problem of MASSIVE memory usage when using GeoFences.  We need to query an attribute from a Polygon that is published as a Feature Services with > 130,000 features - this would take > 150 GB memory to load as a GeoFence (and these are very simple rectangular polygons (4-6 vertices each).