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Is it possible to auto-format the information received from pulldata()?

Question asked by chrsmith_KSDOT on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by chrsmith_KSDOT

For my survey one of the fields I need is Route.


In the spreadsheet I'm pulling the data from it's formatted as shown below. 






The way it needs to appear in the results is: (Letter, 3 numbers)


The examples above would need to end up: K177, U056, I135, & K004


Initially I used a new column and formula* to make the changes before I brought the .csv into Survey123 but in the future the csv will periodically be replaced with a new one (new sample information, same column names) and I was hoping it could just be brought over without additional spreadsheet work before it's brought into Survey123.


Is there there something I can put in the calculation or inputMask field to do the formatting for me?


*Excel formula =RIGHT(LEFT(A1,4),1)&(LEFT(RIGHT(A1,5),3))