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Can I write my own ITransformation?

Question asked by ChuckHorne on Oct 6, 2017

So, a geodatabase I work with is troublesome in some core areas because I built it around a custom coordinate system. That coordinate space is very real (feet are feet) and completely off limits to change: lots of effort will continue for the many clients of that coordinate space for the forseeable future. But it is really a pathwork: i.e., subdivisions in the data are each in their pwn planimetric feet with measures and angles being planimetrically intact....they just aren't the same axes as you go from one subivision. So, the transformation would be, at the end closest to the existing custom coordinate systems, just translation and rotation, just different relative to where you ask. In fact, there may be some scaling in there somewhere, but the present question is:


Can I write my own transformation and have the rest of the core just doing its job? I understand about the geographic transformation filess, I think, but that would I believe be a consumer of this code