PRO 2.0 Add In Button won't function in Development VM

Discussion created by Bouchac on Oct 6, 2017



Arcgis Pro 2.0 add in will compile and run on other computers but it wil not from my development VM.

I'm using VS 2015 enterprise. My colleague has same exact VM, and VS and it does work for him.

When click on buttons, I get no response from UI or code.


We create new project on the same VM with one test arcgis PRO button, it is functional.

when we used the same exact code on add-in, doesn't function.


have done debuggin, we removed the addin from add in manger, we clean and rebuild the solution. get no errors and only wanring...for imagery when not using images only data.


Locally on desktop it does work but on the Development VM it does not. Has anyone encountered a similar issue/ problem? Please advise.