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Perform Analysis on a feature service layer published from a SQL View?

Question asked by ahna.miller@driscolls.com_atlasdriscolls on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by ahna.miller@driscolls.com_atlasdriscolls

Currently BUG - 000099379 prevents the ability to do so. 

We have a view in a SQL database that is published as a feature service on ArcGIS Server. We share this service to AGOL for use in web apps and web maps. Currently, I get an error every time I attempt to perform any sort of analysis on this layer (from the Analysis option on an AGOL web map, or from the Analysis Widget in WebApp Builder). Having the layer not be a View is unfortunately not an option because the data is hierarchical in its structure and the view ties it all together. Has anyone come across any workarounds to this? We especially would like to use the "Extract Data" option.