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Vector Tile Basemap Creation - Layers not appearing?

Question asked by Oharani54 on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by timmo1982

I am creating my first custom vector tile basemap in ArcGIS Pro. I setup my layers to have scale dependence symbology as well as having the labels turn on correctly for different scales. Everything looks good in Pro. I  publish my vector basemap and open it in ArcGIS Online. When viewing from the map viewer things look drastically different than they do in Pro.


1. Some of my layers (Major City Boundaries/National Forest) do not appear when zoomed out to the state level even though these layers have no scale dependence (they should be showing up at all scales). See Below. Photo 1 is from Pro, photo 2 from map viewer.


2. When I zoom in, the City Boundaries appear and proceed to act as normal. However, The National Forest layer never appears no matter how far I zoom in/out. I checked the content within the 'share as web layer' window and my national forest layer is there. How can i get this to show up?


3. When viewing from my basemap in the map viewer, ill zoom in to a city and then zoom back out to the state. However, the tiles the loaded when i zoomed in still appear when i zoom out and do go back to the zoomed out tiles. See below, photo 3. 


Photo 1:


Photo 2: 



Photo 3: