(FIXED)WMS Legend Errors on Printing Service

Discussion created by geoinformacao on Oct 4, 2017
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Hi guys


I´m trying to create some maps with printing services. On WMS services the legend is showed with weird characteres (attached).


We are running Portal 10.4.1 on Linux.


 Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1 Diagnostic Tool


               Hostname: xxx


 DIAG000: Check for installation as root                       [PASSED]
 DIAG001: Check for 64-bit architecture                        [PASSED]
 DIAG002: Check OS version                                     [PASSED]
 DIAG003: Check hostname for invalid characters                [PASSED]
 DIAG005: Check system limits                                  [PASSED]
 DIAG004: Check installed packages                             [WARNING]
 DIAG006: Check OS patches                                     [PASSED]
 DIAG016: Check Portal for ArcGIS ports                        [PASSED]
 DIAG024: Check localhost resolution                           [PASSED]
 DIAG020: Check hostname IP address mismatches                 [PASSED]
 DIAG026: Check processes of Portal for ArcGIS core services   [PASSED]
 DIAG028: Check data directory                                 [PASSED]
 DIAG029: Check file system type                               [PASSED]


There were 0 failure(s) and 1 warning(s) found:


*** DIAG004: The following required packages were not found:


These packages are required for the proper support of Portal for ArcGIS.
Check the Portal for ArcGIS System Requirements for details.