Base Command added more than once into ArcMap

Discussion created by hailong on Jan 18, 2011
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Hi there,

I am trying to make a Base Command with VB.net 2005 for ArcMap 9.2. What I did was:

1. added a Base Command from ArcGis templetes into my project.

2. changed all the values below to "test"
        MyBase.m_category = "test"  'localizable text
        MyBase.m_caption = "test"   'localizable text
        MyBase.m_message = "test"   'localizable text
        MyBase.m_toolTip = "test" 'localizable text
        MyBase.m_name = "test"  'unique id, non-localizable (e.g. "MyCategory_ArcMapCommand")
3.run the project.

By the way, I did not change any parts of the codes.

But there were 3 same "test" commands in ArcMap. In other words, after running the project, I went to ArcMap, and then I went to Tools->Customize, and then I went "Command" tab, and then I found 3"test" commands there, they were totally the same.

Hope you guys can understand me.

Thanks for any help.

I just tried to delete the "ESRI" key in the regestry. But there will be one more the same command in ArcMap after I delete the key in the regestry. Say, I delete the key 2 times in the regestry then there will be 3 same commands showing in ArcMap.