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Leaflet gpTask: The coordinates or measures are out of bounds. - env:outSR problem?

Question asked by speedyDE on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by speedyDE

Hello, I'm having problems with my geoprocess "SelectLayerByAttribute". It always works for the first selection, but fails for second, third, or fourth one (don't know on what the behaviour depends) with the following error message The coordinates or measures are out of bounds.

I set up the output spatial reference system with 

gpTask.setParam('env:outSR', 4326)

like it was discussed in my former question: Different spatial reference issue with Geoprocessing in leaflet

because all my Server data is in ETRS_1989 and my Leaflet web map based on EPSG 4326.

I've found the same discussed problem here: coordinate system - Geoprocessing return not showing on map? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange 

but the suggested solution not using the above code snippet and transforming all server data to EPSG 4326 is not the best solution for me.


Is there another possible way preventing the error?