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Adding coordinates to popup / popupTemplate

Question asked by pml on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by pml

Working with the 3.22 JS API. Would someone please help me find sample code that adds coordinates ( latitude / longitude ) to a popup when popupTemplate is in use. There are plenty of popup and infoWindow samples which do not use popupTemplate but rather simply call the setContent method.

For the current time I am sticking with popup / popupTemplate rather than infoWindow because the former seems to handle things such as charts, attachments and relationships while I'm not sure that infoWindow handles any of these (feel free to correct me). I am open to changing my approach.

It seems that popup / popupTemplate are called upon map load which makes it tricky to get the coordinates of a click event that occurs well after the map has loaded.


Thank you for any help,

Paul Lohr