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Geotagged photos on a webmap

Question asked by Ayelet123 on Oct 2, 2017

Our Roads department has recently started using a drone, mainly to get views of places that they can't access.
On each flight they take 20-30 photos (and videos) that are stored as JPGs on an SD card; They are not interested in creating topographic or 3D models, so we don’t need Drone2Map; all they need is a way to view the photos on webmaps (None of them is using Arc desktop.)
What would be the best way to do that?


I first thought of storing the photos on ArcGIS Online but uploading one photo at a time is not going to work. 
I then found this solution  , I tested it with a couple of photos and it seems to be working well.


Do you know of other ways to add geotagged photos in a batch to a webmap?