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Count # of Overlay Shapefiles

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2017
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  First, this new forum setup is confusing and nowhere near as straight forward as it used to be, so not even sure I'm posting in the correct spot.


  Anyways I will simplify this as much as possible:


I have a master shapefile with zone polygons (about 3,000), where each zone polygon has a unique a ZONE_ID.  


I have 4 tables that have different sets of data, that all link to these ZONE_ID's.  These tables will each have their own set of criteria applied to them and only certain ZONE_ID's in each Table will pass the criteria.


What is needed, is to find out after the criteria is applied to each table, how many of the table(s) overlay in each ZONE_ID if any (we don't need to show the actual data)?  The final map will show each ZONE_ID and if they have 0-1 tables that pass the criteria, 2 tables pass, 3 tables pass or all 4 tables pass.


  Currently my method is creating in each table a pass/fail field which after the calculations are applied gets either a 1 or 0 (1 for pass) for each ZONE_ID.  Then after all 4 tables have been completed, I create a new table with just the ZONE_ID and the Pass/Fail field for each table in it.  Then I have a final field "NUM_Overlays" that will be the sum of all 4 Pass/Fail fields.  So that it will either have a 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Then I can just use that table for the final map to symbolize it and show one color for 0,1, another for 2, another color for 3 and another color for 4.


  Is there an easier way to do this, as I will eventually have more maps that will have different calculations applied to each table?



(and hope this post is in the correct location on the new forum format)...