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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS - Queries Lost in Move from Test to Production

Question asked by inlovewithlife on Sep 28, 2017

We are developing a number of apps for a client. We are currently using a local test server and Portal to create the apps and then are downloading, modifying the portalURL in the config JSON file, and attempting to import into the production server and Portal environment to finalize and deploy the apps (we are being requested to do it this way by our client). We are re-publishing our services on the production portal and recreating our webmaps to reconnect to our apps upon import. The problem we are facing is that when we import our apps into the production Web AppBuilder and connect to the production-side webmap, we retain most settings but all queries in the Query widget are lost. I've also noticed the loss of Near Me widget settings. Any ideas for how we can successfully transfer our apps in this way?