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Picture not displaying in pop-up

Question asked by Angelia_Hagopian_onslow on Sep 28, 2017

We have a web map with pictures configured in our pop-up. I configured the pictures using the pop-up media options. For the Image url I am pointing to a field with a full URL path to the image. This used to work perfectly but for the past week no images have been displaying in the pop-up. I confirmed I can access the web server where the images are stored. We are having this problem with every layer that has images configured for the pop-up using the pop-up media configuration. There are no spaces in the URL path. The images are publicly accessible on our web server. I need this fixed or a work around before a demo of our web maps this afternoon.  Thank you!

Fire ISO Web Map:

There are suppose to be images on the Fire Response District layer and on the Fire Stations layer.