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Multiple Geofences - geotagging

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Sep 29, 2017

I have what I think is a fairly straightforward scenario in GeoEvent processor - Points as input, going into a filter that uses two geofences, if a point is in GeoFence 1 or in GeoFence 2...

The output feature class that gets written to has 2 attribute fields to accept the Name from GeoFence1 and GeoFence2 - fairly simple so far.


So I have a GeoTagger processor to grab the Name field and map it to the appropriate attribute in the output feature class.  All works well for a single Geofence, but what I am wondering is if you can have the GeoTagger create field names for both GeoFences, so that the geotagger definition has GeoFence1 AND GeoFence2 Category/Name in the output - something like this:


Is it possible to get this done with a single GeoTagger?


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