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List By Editing pane pane-fully slow!

Question asked by terrafirma_theo on Sep 28, 2017

See what I did there?


ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 Basic

Expanding, collapsing, checking or unchecking any item in the 'List by Editing' pane in the TOC takes around 15 seconds to complete each time. When one of these actions is performed, the cursor becomes an arrow with a spinning blue circle and all items in Pro temporarily grey out:


This occurs when all layers (30-40 layers) are checked to be editable and even when only one layer is checked to be editable. The whole time, only the World Imagery basemap and a simple vector layer are visible on the map.




This is not the case for List by Drawing Order, List by Data Source or List by Selection.

This issue does not occur in another of my Pro projects which only has a couple of vector and tiled layers. So it appears related to the amount of content in the project.

Anyone else have this problem?