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Vector Tiles and Styles

Question asked by Crittermap on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by akajanus-esristaff

I think one of the values of the Vector tiles is that you can customize the style without changing the tiles, right? 


But how do I actually do that? In particular, offline?


Looking at the documentation for ArcGISVectorTiledLayer, you seemed to have locked all that out. 


There is no method called setStyle(String pathtolocalfile). I knew it wouldn't be that easy. 


I found this in the API documentation. It needs a mind mapping diagram, but I believe that you are able to specify a style sheet in a portal based map. So I guess I could do that if I create my own vector tile server on ArcGIS online. But I couldn't specify a different style sheet for one of your standard vector basemaps, or could I?


I made a table just to try to understand it, and I see at least one circular reference. 


This also states that a vector tile package should contain a style sheet and all the font and symbols needed to display the map. 


So let's see. Let's say I created a 5 Gigabyte vector tile package of a country. If I wanted to change the style, I would need to create another 5 Gigabyte vector tile package of the same country, exactly the same except with a different style sheet. Is that right?


I'll note that I don't see any offline vector tile layer examples, nor any sample .vtpk file.  I think that's needed. 


To create a vector tiled layer, the runtime client is given either a URI or a portal item. The URI can point to a vector tile source, a vector tile style sheet, or a local vector tile package file. The portal item will contain a URI to a vector tile stylesheet. The style sheet describes the appearance of the geometry and must be in the Mapbox GL Style format. The style sheet also contains a URI to a vector tile source. The source must be in the Mapbox TileJSON format. The source info includes a URI to a default style sheet.

More than one vector tile style sheet can use the same source. Both the source info and the style sheet are human readable JSON files.

Vector tile packages can also be downloaded from an ArcGIS Online vector tile service. The vector tile package is a single file (.vptk) that contains all of the tile data files, the source information, a style sheet, and the font and symbol marker resources required to display the map.


ParameterPoints toContainspoints toHeader 5
URIvector tile sourceMapBoxTileJSON Format
URLdefault style sheet
vector tile stylesheetMapbox GL Style Format
URIvector tile source
local vector tile packageAll the tile data files
Source information
vector tile stylesheet
font and symbols. 
PortalURIvector tile stylesheet