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Layers not drawn initialy within Internet Explorer (V. 11)

Question asked by Thomas_Gis_Roth on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by bsvensson-esristaff

Hi GeoNet Community Members - since last week i have a problem with the visualization of our maps (esp. the services) when using the Internet Explorer (Version 11.0.9600.18792 - Update Version: 11.0.46).  E.g. if you try to open the follwoing app: ArcGIS Web Application (it is an overview of different restaurants) you will get the message, that the layers could not be initialy drawn within the map (all services are running (http://))!



At the bottom of the map window you get this little little little window where you can activate (via: Show whole content - Gesamten Inhalt anzeigen) that the whole content should be shown (not only the secure one):


So my question - where is the source of the problem? The behaviour just occured during the last weeks.

Our IT asked if i changed something but i did not change any parameter within the organizational account settings or within the arc gis server manager either within arcgis.


If you use Firefox - everything works fine.


This error just confuses the users of the application .


Does anyone has a clue? Thank you in advice,


best regards,