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Can't find ESRI.ArcGIS.DataManagementTools

Question asked by sbrennan on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by sbrennan

I'm trying to update a project using ArcObjects 10.0 to 10.4.1. I'm having trouble at this line in the code:


ESRI.ArcGIS.DataManagementTools.CreateRandomPoints CreateRandomPointsTool = new CreateRandomPoints();


This namespace doesn't appear to exist anymore. Have geoprocessing tools moved somewhere else? Also, I'm confused because this page: GitHub - Esri/arcobjects-sdk-community-samples: This repository contains ArcObjects SDK Samples for the ArcObjects SDK 1…  shows a lot of sample code that uses that namespace, despite the page being labelled as 10.4.1 examples (and 10.5 elsewhere on the same page).