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ArcGIS Pro Legend 'unique values' symbology using ArcGIS Online data

Question asked by Peter.Smith_FBA on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by Peter.Smith_FBA

I recently updated to ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 with the hope of being able to utilise a dynamic legend which shows only those symbols which are present within the map extent.

However, this feature only partially works for me. It's OK for all data stored locally (whatever the type of symbology) and it's OK for ArcGIS Online data which has 'single symbol' symbology. However, for ArcGIS Online data with 'unique values' symbology, it fails to show anything in the legend for that layer.

Using the count feature in the symbology pane, I get a '?' count value where there's no data with that unique value, and a '0' count value where there is data with that particular unique value.

The data is correctly symbolised in the map but nothing shows in the legend for that layer.

I'm guessing that, although the data displays OK in the map, the legend utilises the same count value as that in the symbology pane and, because the count value is incorrectly shown as '0', nothing is displayed in the legend.


My question is: Am I missing a step in the process, or is there a bug which stops ArcGIS Pro from counting unique value symbology objects correctly when the data is hosted in ArcGIS Online?

Symbology pane count values

The image above shows two zero count values where there should be a larger count value as there is data for these values in the map. The ? values appear where there is not any data with these unique values.