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Question asked by chet.egbert_CDFW on Sep 26, 2017

We are using the latest proxy page for our ArcGIS Javascript 4.x application.  We have non-public data on our own ArcGIS Server (MapServices) and on ArcGIS online (MapTiles).  By placing username and password in our proxy.config we are able to successfully obtain tokens from both locations and apply them to requests and authorize the draw of layers from both locations.  I can develop against these layers for most of the day until late afternoon when all of a sudden the request for anything from tiles1, tiles2, tiles3, or tiles4 domains returns 'Invalid Token' and the layers don't draw.  If I wait for 60 minutes then the layers will draw again without error. 


Is there some limit to the number of tokens I can generate for a domain in a period?  We have not placed the throttling attributes on our <serverUrl> proxy.config entries (rateLimit and rateLimitPeriod).  I would assume that if not set in the file there is no throttling but I am not sure about that.  The code in the proxy.ashx appears to skip the throttling block as the default value of rateLimit is -1 ( if(serverUrl.RateLimit > -1){ stuff}). 


Has anybody found good documentation about this or otherwise discovered limits applied by ESRI servers.