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SVG export issues

Question asked by PJM_congeo on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2017 by PJM_congeo

Just updated to version ArcINFO.


Have had numerous issues with fonts, character spacing, font masks, and general usability of SVGs exported from the newest version of ArcMap. The problems only appear with features created in the layout view, not labels or annotation coming from the data view. Character spacing will be partial on some words, any masking is a mess not inline with the text, yet the font type is intact -- it's only the spacing that's off, etc. This was never a problem in the previous version. When opening SVGs in Inkscape, the mess is particularly apparent -- if it will even open, it's very slow. Some files with masking set to a shape also seem to be having issues in that they can't be opened. I've already updated Inkscape which wasn't a solution. Anybody else have these issues and a solution?


Thanks, Paul