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Register GP Server Routing Network Analyst Layer  With ArcGIS Server

Question asked by mkoneya on Sep 25, 2017

I have a GP Model that uses a Route with Stops, Point Barriers, Routes, Line Barriers, and Polygon Barriers that were created with the Maker Route Layer tool in ArcMap.   I can run the Model and get results to show up in ArcMap.


I have also been able to publish the successful run of the model as Geoprocessing Server with an output Parameter of a string but I want to be able to access the routes and stops generated.    


When I add an output parameter that uses the Select Data tool the Routes parameter is of Data Type "Data Element or Layer or Table View" and try to publish the results of the model I get the following error 


001488 : The service you are attempting to publish includes data but the site has been configured such that data cannot be copied to the server.

I believe that it is because the Select Data Tool is trying to select from a layer that is not registered with the server.    All of the layers created by the Make Route Tool are shown as stored in Map Document.   How can I change this so that the layers are registered with the server?      I am not sure what layers the 001488 error refers to so I am running in circles trying to resolve this.


We do not allow data to be copied to the server on publish.


Thanks for any assistance.