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Creating a Form is slow & does not publish with this survey

Question asked by salvaleonrp on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by salvaleonrp

I've been having some challenges trying to publish this form.  Its a QA form and when its finished it will include about 60 x 15 questions (six are esritype::null).  The number 60 represents sixty tables to be QC'd separated by groups in the survey. The survey will be used by a QC analyst and on each group there's two select_multiple list which are pre-populated from the choices worksheet.


I automated the creation of each group of questions into a temporary csv table. From this csv I copy and paste each grouped questions to the survey xlsform, incrementing the process one group of questions at a time. As I add a group or questions, I save the xlsform, test and then publish. (Note: This iterative process created multiple feature layers for each publish. At some point I started deleting duplicates, retaining only the last FL from the most recent successful publish)


After going through the iterative process 18 times, the publishing stopped working. Creating form will progress bar will stay in the middle and then after 15-20 minutes will get to the end and it just stay there until I terminate.


I'm attaching my last successful excel file (1_QA) that was successfully published and the version that where failure started (2_QA) . attribute_count.csv is an external choice csv for both.


We use Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.


Any ideas to troubleshoot or fix are welcome. Thanks!