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A better interpolation method for creating Chloride Concentration contour map

Question asked by ShuhongYan on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

Hi, I am not very familar for spatial analysis knowledge. I have around 30 wells that collected sample Chloride concentration data and I want to create a contour map based on these sample data. 

Does anyone know a better way to create this contour map? I know Kriging is the best way, but I only have 30 points data which is too few for Kriging. 

Any other interpolation method recommended to replace Kriging like IDW, or natural neighbor? Or any way to add more sample data technically based on 30 sample points so that Kriging can be applied?


I have Spatical Analyst and 3D Analyst license in ArcGIS Desktop. I also heard of Geostatistical analyst tool, but even  thought I can understand the analyzed result in the tool or transform the sample data, I think the number of sample data is still the problem. I think it's a normal situation for lots of people since it's difficult to acquire over 100 well data in a small study area.


Any help would be really appreciated!