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ArcGIS Online Web App Builder - Layer list failure

Question asked by BahamutZ on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by jsong-esristaff

Suddenly the majority of my applications have failed to display any operational layers upon loading the Web App Builder application.  It was just big white side bar upon load.  Therefore, I had to go in and edit it to remove the layer list widget and then add it back.  Save and it's good to go.  Unfortunately, it now has a group layer issue (multiple drop downs) when there is only a single layer and that is not needed.   The web map the app is based on literally has one layer with no dropdowns, so I am not sure why the multiple drop downs in the app.


Example:  ArcGIS Web Application 

- everyone of these layers (except last) is a SINGLE layer, not a group layer.  Why am I getting drop downs?  Why is this happening?  Thank you.