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Can ESRI Basemaps that are Transparent be shown in Collector?

Question asked by Matt985 on Sep 22, 2017



My organsiation has been using a combination of ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online and Collector for ArcGIS for our surveys.


We have been using the ESRI World Topological Basemap as our base for any mapping used in Collector as we wish to take our maps offline when out of the office. 


One thing we would like to do is to make the basemap transparent, while when I set up the maps on ArcGIS Online I have the option to adjust the transparency via the transparency slider, however once I download the map to Collector on my device I find that the basemap is no longer transparent.


I wanted to ask if Collector supports any settings that are made to a basemap (such as transparency) when it download part of the ESRI Basemaps or is it unable to support this