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Synchronize Mosaic Dataset with Only a Subset of Sources Tables

Question asked by gnewburyiv on Sep 21, 2017



Was wondering if anyone has experience synchonrizing a mosaic dataset with only a subset of source tables/folders. For example I have


Three source mosaic datasets:





And one derived mosaic dataset




The 'All.gdb\Mosaic1' has all of the rasters that are in the three source mosaic datasets. The three source mosaic datasets were initially added to the derived mosaic dataset using the 'Table' raster type. 


Now when I add new rasters to one of the source mosaic datasets, i.e '\C.gdb\Mosaic1' I would like to synchronize it with the derived mosaic dataset. However, I don't want to waste time also synchronizing with the other sources as 1.) they may be huge and 2.) I know nothing has changed. If I use a where_clause when I synchronize to a raster in the desired source mosaic dataset, will it add new items from the source's table?