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Synchronize Replica failed, table not registered.

Question asked by evtinker on Sep 20, 2017
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I have run into an issue with synchronization from a parent to child (one way) replica failing.  We use a production SQL server with multiple databases for editors, then replicate to a separate publication SQL server with a single database for end users.  Now for some reason the edits from one production database will not replicate to the publication database.  The production database was setup in 10.3.1.  The publication database was setup in 10.2.2.  The error message is:


Synchronize Replica failed  Table not registered [wsdpub.DBO.GDB_TEMP_USER_IDS]  No update session in progress.


For test purposes I backed up the publication (child) database, then restored it on a test server and ran it again.  The error was the same.  I thought this might be related to NIM094669 so I then upgraded the ArcMap install from 10.2.2 to 10.3.1 and ran it again.  No change.  I then upgraded the child database to 10.3.1 and ran it again.  Still no change.  


I had this same problem several months ago, but at that time resolved it by building a completely new publication server install and re-replicating everything.  A drastic solution, but there were other outstanding issues and it resolved everything.  Now the replication problem is back.  Last time both the water and wastewater replicas were affected, so far this time only the wastewater set is having an issue, but if it follows the same pattern as last time the water replica will start failing in a day or two.  Oddly enough, the stormwater replica was never affected.  Both the water and wastewater datasets contain networks, the stormwater set only has topology rules.  I am not sure if this has anything to do with this issue.


Has anyone seen anything like this?  If so, did you find a resolution?