Info: Firefox, mouse gestures extensions and side-effects

Discussion created by a.schaefer-esri-de-esridist on Jan 18, 2011

Just for information: I use Firefox 3.6.13 with the Extension "MouseGesturesRedox" (3.0.3). This extension enables you to control the Firefox browser with mouse-movement and click combinations (new tab, close tab, go forward, go back, etc.). But beware, there are side-effects with your map-client.

If you are a nervous user with a jumpy mouse-click and you do a a triple/quadruple/quintuple click you may get hooked in the pan mode. You get stuck in that pan mode and cannot get out of it again.

So keep that in mind if you get some side-effects in the navigation of your map. Maybe it's a client/browser specific issue. Also it's obvious that the popular extensions Adblock and NoScript may also have side-effects on the usage of your website. ;)

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